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Mobile Escorts


Surety Secure Escort Service which was established in 2005 is a business dedicated to the safe, secure transport of young and vulnerable people to various care settings.

Using trained staff with validated CRB credentials, we contract with statutory agencies that deal with young offenders and others under supervised Court Orders.

We operate a responsive and cost effective organisation, operating from premises in Birmingham, West Midlands.


At the heart of our service, is the continuous supervision of all escorts and the monitoring of their movements including their safety during the period of travel. Other services include: -

  • Prevent any form of abuse, whether by the client or to the client.
  • Ensure their best interests at all times, while in our care or during handover.
  • Empower the young person to make positive changes in their life.
  • Dynamic Service

    • 24 hour response

    • Emergency call out

    • Flexible, bespoke, professional service


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    Static Escorts

    As well as mobile escorts, Surety Secure provides a static escorting service.

    Who is it for,

    This service has proven most popular with providers in need of ensuring the immediate safety and security of an escorted young person for up to 72 hours on an emergency basis.

    Supervised access of young people

    The 3 tiers of access / contact :-

    1. Ordinary Access - young person delivered and collected

    2. Supervised Access - where escorts stay for the duration

    3. Informed Supervised Access - where observations and reports are made possible for court etc

    Supervised Contact of young people

    Tiered service which can include transport :-

    1. Ordinary Contact - young person delivered and collected

    2. Mobile and Static Contact - where escorts stay in situ or follow for the duration of the contact visit

    3. Informed Supervised Contact - with observations and reports if required

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    Care after Care


    Our Care after Care business provides supported accommodation for young people leaving public care. Our costs are competitive and vary according to the needs of each child. This service is provided for young people up to the age of 25

    Contact Surety for further information


    • We provide an after care service for young people aged 16 – 25, based in West Bromwich in the West Midlands, comprising of shared accommodation, with 2 x 2 bedroomed properties.

    Our Team

  • Registered Social Workers
  • Support Workers
  • Secure Escorts
  • MACQSW, Dip.SW, CMS, BAHon
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    Green Acre Project

    At Surety Secure we have found that natural activities, and exposure to nature itself can have a positive influence on all children,relieving stress on carers and recruitment costs to providers, particularly within the private sector.

    The Green Acres project provides the opportunity for natural activities,within a natural outdoor environment, to be introduced as part of the education, recreation, work experience, and/or therapeutic programme within the placement/care plan for each young person.




    • We provide natural (eco) therapeutic activities through which individuals can heal themselves physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally.


    • We can provide for small groups or individuals on a one to one basis.


    • We provide a peaceful unpressurised environment where participants can do as much or as little as they choose. 


    • We provide a responsive service for up to 12 hours per week, depending on the needs of the young person. Our hourly rate for this service is cost effective.

    Green Acre Project Gallery


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    Florida UK

    Surety is excited in offering a newest addition to our services. At Florida UK we offer children in residential and foster care a once in a lifetime holiday experience in the world’s greatest holiday destination.

    • A holiday can build confidence and self – esteem while removing children from routines based around computers and the TV.
    • Childrens horizons can be broadened by having a taste of a different culture, language and food. Building on the established reputation of Surety Secure Escorting Services, our inclusive Florida holiday package is fully escorted by qualified staff, carefully selected for their knowledge of the area, and CRB checked.
    • The holiday is cost effective, and provides for the needs of local authorities, private/independent residential homes, and foster care providers.
    • Our villa provides an excellent opportunity for privacy and containment, and is located in the world famous Formosa Gardens estates of Kissimmee, just three miles from Disney.




    Florida Holiday Gallery

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    Contact Us

    Do not hesitate to contact Surety regarding any of our services.





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